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ŠAFRÁNEK - hydraulika, s.r.o.

Sales of Hydraulic Engineering

Bohumilice 25, Bohumilice

Tribase Networks, s.r.o.

We provide electronic security systems. We provide alarm systems - Fire systems EPS representation Securiton, extinguishing systems and fire alarms, security sy...

Slunečná 1162, Prachatice II

STS Prachatice

The company manufactures forestry and agricultural machines and dealing with special custom machinery production. Gained a significant position in the business of forestry and agricultural machinery. The manufacturing equipment is able to produce low-cost machine parts according to customer requirements with the appropriate quality.

Těšovice 62, Těšovice

Jiří Hurt - výroba ohřívačů

We manufacture water heaters (boilers) and the storage tank 250 to 4 000 l, implementation and horizontal standing. All heaters are made of steel RSt 37-2 (DIN)...

Nebahovy , Nebahovy

S.I.S.C., s.r.o.

We offer Jessberger barrel pumps, diaphragm, circulation, spindle, and manual metering pumps. We produce plastic and aluminum construction enclosures, component boxes KBOX and BOSS. We supply LED.

Žitná 50, Netolice

Agrocentrum Lainka, s.r.o.

We buy and sell agricultural machinery and tractors. Furthermore, it sells the new agricultural technology, handling equipment, metalworking and woodworking machinery. We offer all services of motor transport.

Žernovická 955, Prachatice II

Jiří Velek,Prodej zabezpečovací techniky pro firmy

We provide sales, installation and servicing of CCTV, security, telecommunications and attendance systems. Offer EPS-Fire alarm.

Kasárenská 240, Prachatice(Areál automotoklubu)

ESPI Wiring, s.r.o.

Operation of the sale of electric machines.

Žernovice ev.č. 1, Žernovice

Dana Frnochová - Salon Dana

Sales of goods and hairdressing equipment.

Velké náměstí 6, Prachatice I

RNDr. Petr Šebelík CSc. - Xercom

Compact deliver technology for drying wood and biological protection. Automatic computer control of drying processes. Proposals for drying wood.

Stachy-Úbislav 52, Stachy

STS Prachatice

Sales of vacuum technology

Těšovice 62, Těšovice

Vít Novotný - VNT

We provide a full range of welding. Sale of welding equipment, tools, compressors, abrasives, safety equipment. We provide service and repairs. We supply pneumatic and air elements of the SMC. Aluminum welding.

Žárovná 44, Žárovná

AGAVEX, s.r.o.

Sales of equipment for catering operations

Čkyně 324, Čkyně

Jan Beran - stavební stroje a nástroje

We offer sales and servicing of vibratory rammers and plates, saws for cutting construction materials loaders and pumps. Offer hammers and tools.

Vodňanská 333, Prachatice II

Lukáš Filip, Prodej zabezpečovací techniky pro firmy

Sales of camera operation, security and sound systems.

Kasárenská , Prachatice II(Areál automotoklubu)

Petr Pawlitschko - TexTo

Sales of textile machinery and accessories

U Lázní 176/7, Vimperk

Josef Litvan - Prodej kancelářských potřeb a vybavení

Sales of office supplies and equipment

Svornosti 117, Vimperk

Irena Frajkorová -Prodej kancelářských potřeb a vybavení

Sales of office supplies and equipment

1. máje 74/1, Vimperk

Gabriela Hůlková - Prodej kancelářských potřeb a vybavení

Sales of office supplies and equipment

Kostelní 57/17, Vimperk

Alois Medek, Prodej kancelářského nábytku

Retail furniture operation.

Klostermannova 367/26, Vimperk II

L - Technic, s.r.o.

Company L-Technic Ltd. is engaged in production and subsequent servicing of agricultural machinery and equipment, especially for packing silage. Furthermore, according to individual customer manufactures machines for processing wood waste, wood splitting and handling packages.

Boubínská 479, Vimperk II

Kraml a spol, spol. s r.o.

Operation of the production of steel transport pallets, steel structures, workshop trolleys, railings and staircases. Serial and custom-made metal.

Špidrova 44, Vimperk III

Jan Tvrdek, s.r.o.

Haylage package sales operations, agricultural equipment and hydraulic lift of scissors. Freight transport. Work tractor with front loader.

Vimperk-Boubská 64, Vimperk

Fritz Schmidt, s.r.o.

We offer design, manufacture and commissioning of equipment and sawmill machinery. Providing expert advice.

Špidrova 48/16, Vimperk III

Martin Jelínek - Prodej kancelářských potřeb a vybavení

Sales of office supplies and equipment

Kasárenská 1148, Prachatice

Parksys, s.r.o.

Sales of security systems, car parks

Zlatá stezka 138, Prachatice

WANNER, s.r.o.

We offer slings and hedging techniques.

Kasárenská 1122, Prachatice II

Jan Rys, Prodej zdvižných vozíků

We provide sales, service, purchase, technical inspections of handling equipment, forklifts, pallet trucks. Sales and service traction batteries, peripherals Kauppi. Sell spare parts for cars Still, Jungheinrich, Linde, Desta.

Strunkovice nad Blanicí , (letiště)


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