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Petr Mráz - Elektroinstalace

Lenora 104, Lenora


We are engaged in the sale and installation of conventional rectangular tissue, forestry and sporting nodal tissue. We provide complete implementation of the fence of industrial buildings, houses and gardens. We supply and implement a complete fence systems.

Žernovická 266, Prachatice II

Beton - Těšovice, spol. s r.o.

The production program in the first place we can find a wide color gamut of outdoor paving. From the known vymývaných boards can choose pushed over, sanded to...

Těšovice , Těšovice

Jan Kuta - Intoma

Our company is focused on sales and consultancy in building services. Currently, besides the standard things we focus mainly on the use of all renewable organic...

Čkyně 3, Čkyně

Neuk s.r.o.

Sales and production of upholstered furniture, sofas, chairs, sofas and chairs positioning. Offer interiors, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops. From design to implementation. Advertising and club seats.

Dlouhá Louka 480, Vlachovo Březí

Karel Bauer, s.r.o.

production is mainly focused on the production of wooden windows and doors, in accordance with European Standard DIN, EURO type, made of multi-layer wooden slats. Careful selection of quality materials and components also contributes to the high quality of our products. Surface treatment system used Glasurit German company.

Prachatice-Staré Prachatice 27, Prachatice

Koma system, s.r.o.

We supply gaskets, seals and window profiles, accessories for PVC windows and doors. We offer door hinges and hinges, window handle, background profiles, plastic moldings, angles. Sales of automatic lawn mowers Ambrogio.

U Stadionu 270, Prachatice II


Production of heat insulation: foam and extruded polystyrene, polyurethane, PUR-flow, foil, fizzle. The offer also plastic windows and doors, Isostone, building materials, pits, rings and concrete paving, structural engineering.

Bohumilice 70, Bohumilice

Antonín Růžička, Prodej nářadí a nástrojů

We provide power and hand tools, tools - cutters, drills, fasteners. Woodworking tools - saws, broaching machines, Machine tools grooving, milling machines, banding machines, grinding machines, suction compressors. We offer the forest and garden equipment, chainsaws.

Nádražní 228, Prachatice II

mecca interier, s.r.o.

Sell kitchen, including design, assembly and transport. Provide built-in appliances and the leading European producers of the Czech living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, sofas, studio sound sleep, medical mattresses, grids.

Vodňanská 47, Prachatice II

JVP system, s.r.o.

The company operates in the field of supply, installation and service of automated door and gate systems. The door systems which constitute the majority of the ...

Průmyslová II 975, Prachatice II


The company engaged in the production of organic dřevozplynujících boilers and automatic pellet boilers. The company produces approximately 700 pcs of power generators to 50 kW. More than 70% of production is exported to almost the whole of Europe.

Netolická 370, Lhenice

Otherm, a.s.

Plastic windows are Czech Other windows with high quality workmanship. OTHERM company as a leading Czech producer of plastic windows, doors, aluminum and wood w...

Sklářská 48, Husinec

TOFIS stavebniny, s.r.o.

We provide building and construction materials. There are bricks, blocks, roofing, sound and heat insulation, tiles, floor tiles, plaster boards, interlocking paving, facade systems. Arrange transportation. We allow rental, scaffolding rental, including assembly and disassembly.

P. Chelčického 113, Husinec

Martin Prášek, Prodej plovoucích podlah

Sales floating floors, parquet, PVC, cork and carpet.

Jeronýmova 54, Husinec

Antonín Wudy, Prodej skleníků a zimních zahrad

We offer the manufacture and sale of greenhouses and conservatories.

Luční 383, Husinec

Fimo Olah Husinec, a.s.

Wholesale sewage and water systems.

Sklářská 50, Husinec-Výrov

Řepa a syn, spol. s r.o.

We offer the sale of horticultural goods and seeds. Offer photographic services.

Mírové Náměstí 1, Netolice

Korowatt, s.r.o.

Operation of photovoltaic energy sources based roofing sheets, transparent glass panels and components.

Bušanovice 13, Bušanovice

Jan Kouba, Prodej stavebního materiálu

Sell building material and hardware.

Dlouhá Louka 477, Vlachovo Březí

Milan Kavlík

Operation of the sale and installation of blinds.

Čkyně 193, Čkyně

LIGNOSYSTEM, spol. s r.o.

Sales of flooring, cladding panels and home accessories. We propose the realization of interiors.

Čkyně 133, Čkyně

Jaroslav Brož - Jamiplast

Operation of the supply and installation of swimming pools including roof, water tank and septic tanks. We offer a painting of facades and interior and exterior painting.

Bohumilice 97, Bohumilice

Hutes, s.r.o.

Sales of heating and heaters for the home.

Prokopovo náměstí 1, Husinec

Marra, s.r.o.

We offer sales of residential furniture.

Budovatelská 1031, Prachatice II

Selene, spol. s r.o.

Selene company ltd. Ltd. is a supplier of lamps and lighting systems with high technical quality and excellent design. On the Czech market since 1991 and what has exclusive worldwide representation of the company belonging to the absolute top - Artemide.

Neumannova 161, Prachatice I

Pavel Ondřich, Prodej sedacího nábytku

Custom production of massive furniture, sofas made to measure. Large selection of upholstery fabrics and leather. Other furniture to order. We offer transportation and assembly. Qualified sales and consulting services. Ability to purchase goods on hire.

Pasovská 114/7, Vimperk II

HOBBYTECH, spol. s r.o.

Our company deals with sales and service of brand name products from well-known companies in the field of forest and garden equipment. We strive to offer a comp...

Sklářská 399, Vimperk II

Svítidla Massive

Jungmannova 151, Hlinsko v Č.

Petr Vojta, Prodej vrat a bran

Sales of doors and gates.

Budovatelská 1054, Prachatice II

Josef Hrabě, Prodej kotlů

We offer automatic and dřevozplynující boiler sales and installation of eco-boilers, repair of old systems. Providing advice.

Mičovice 36, Mičovice

Jan Vozábal AQA servis

We deliver a customized on-site install plastic (PVC) fences, gates, pergolas and fencing of swimming pools, as well as a variety of products from mixed recycled plastics (material Traplast). The quality of our services have recognized the many satisfied customers.

Hracholusky 121, Hracholusky

Ing. Rostislav Eichner, Prodej kamen

We offer design and implementation of hot-air fireplaces and tiled stoves.

Mlýnská 41, Prachatice II

Roman Podlaha - Floor and Co

Sector sales operations and piece of furniture, sofas, dining facilities.

Budovatelská 1119, Prachatice II

Stavebniny - Keramika, s.r.o.

Sales of building materials.

Nádražní 52, Prachatice II

Obchodservis Prachatice, společnost s ručením omezeným

Sell garden equipment. Stiga brand product distribution.

Jánská 122, Prachatice II

Marie Zábranová Výhled

We offer graphic design bathrooms, renovation of residential cores. Sale of tiles, floor tiles, faucets, bathroom furniture, accessories and mirrors.

Pivovarská 88/21, Vimperk I

Marie Popelková, Prodej kuchyňského vybavení

We sell kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture.

Solní 122, Prachatice I

FONKA, s.r.o.

You can choose in our inexpensive sofas, couches, chairs, beds, ... designed for small spaces, children's rooms, for young marriages, but also for grandma and grandpa. You can find us as well as luxury goods, which boosts your taste and the original solution for your apartment.

Žernovická 227, Prachatice II

Eva Součková, Prodej zámků a kování

We sell locks and hinges. Operation of the production of keys.

Primátorská 76, Prachatice II


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